Our Story

Paper Protégé was founded in July of 2016, and launched in Olivia Rose, a children's boutique located in downtown Milton in August 2016.

Our humble beginnings at Olivia Rose Boutique

The Name

Protégé; a person who is guided and supported by an older and more experienced or influential person.

The name was born from the realization that I, myself was in fact a protégé. I had been guided by many people in my life, and learned much of my knowledge and business know-how from my mentor(s). Paper Protégé was named after my highschool business teacher (you know who you are). This teacher was my biggest cheerleader for every single business competition I ever competed in. He always encouraged me to follow my passions, and to tap into my creativity and without a doubt he was front row at every single competition cheering me on. 

In grade 12 I got my first job. Little did I know this job would lead me to starting what is now known as Paper Protégé. 

One day a customer came in to purchase a gift and asked me where the closest store was so she could buy a card. After this shift (I'm not even joking) I drove straight to the craft store and bought a pack of blank white cards. I was a 17 year old student with minimal design experience, a new inkjet printer and an old hand-me-down laptop. 

The first ever card designs were (no joke) created on microsoft word, and printed on my HP inkjet printer. 

Today, Paper Protégé has been running for 4 years, I have outsourced the printing to a print shop, and the designs are now created by talented local artists across Canada.

I am so excited that you stopped by to check out my cards, and read my story. These 4 years have been an amazing adventure, and Paper Protégé is just getting started!